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Zavikon serves any individual who is seeking career employment who has a visible or invisible disability. We have programs set up for Blind/visually impaired, Deaf/hard of hearing, and neurodivergent to name a few.


We focus on the individual’s talents and skills and place employees in all types of careers including finance, technology, clerical, creative and more. 


Once an individual is placed, our professional career coaches work with the employee, their new co-workers, and hiring manager to ensure everyone is set up for long term success. 

At Zavikon, we don’t just accept difference,

we celebrate it.

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For Candidates

Zavikon provides the following services to candidates as they navigate their job search, secure employment, acclimate to their new job and ultimately achieve independence in a meaningful career:

  • Job readiness assessments 

  • Job readiness training

  • Training recommendations 

  • Resume preparation

  • Interview preparation and coaching

  • Interview support 

  • Job placement 

  • Career coaching 

  • Job accommodations identification

  • Supports assessment

  • Candidate advocacy

  • Ongoing career advisement

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For Employers

Zavikon facilitates the creation of an inclusive working environment and sets both employer and employee up for long term success with the following services:

  • Workplace disability and neurodiversity inclusion assessments 

  • Disability and neurodiversity inclusion education and training 

  • Candidate recruiting and placement 

  • Career coaching 

  • Interviewer preparation and support

  • Hiring manager education and preparation 

  • Job accommodations and supports assessment  

  • Employer guidance throughout the hiring and acclimation process 

  • Enterprise Career Coach placement



Zavikon offers supported placement services to ensure long term success for both the employee and employer:

  • On-demand Career Coach support

  • Accommodations assessment and realignment

  • Interviewer training and support

  • 1:1 Manager coaching

  • Co-worker support and education

  • Corporate advisory services

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Zavikon offers advisory services to educate your teams in understanding and accepting individuals with differences. Enterprise education is the key to succeed in truly being a diverse and inclusive employer:

  • Lunch and Learns

  • Manager 1:1 coaching

  • Co-worker training sessions

  • Enterprise seminars and corporate training

  • Enterprise Resource Group formation

  • Diversity & Inclusion Training

  • Awareness & Sensitivity Training

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